Certificate Pack

Once your application is approved, you will officially receive a confirmation by email and then you can apply for the pack.  

WAR Achiever’s Pack:

The WAR Achiever’s Pack includes: 

  • Hard Copy of Approved / Confirmed Letter
  • Certificate
  • Medal
  • Mug / Pen (Depending on stock)
  • Badge
  • ID Card
  • Car Stickers
WAR Mass Attempt Pack: 

This pack is applicable only for organizations / institutes that have attained the record as a group and want to get a certificate for each participant. The record has to be duly undersigned by atleast two witnesses. However, this service is available only for successful mass attempts adjudicated by a representative authorized by WAR.

WAR Corporate Pack: 

Any Corporate House attempting to make or break any record approved officially can obtain Special Customized Pack with their logo.